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What makes a quality reputable Breeder

What makes a quality reputable Breeder   Breeds to improve their own dogs and the breed in general. Can verbalize why they bred these two dogs. Knows that it is unlikely that they’ll break even after all genetic testing and care of mother and puppies. Usually doesn’t have more than one breed of dogs. Seldom…

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Around the holidays we see a lot of ads for “Christmas Puppies for Sale.” There are also a lot of negative feelings about puppies being sold as Christmas presents. So what’s the deal, is it good or bad and why?? It all depends on the person’s individual circumstances. As a rule, pets should NEVER be…

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Why are some Labrador pup’s adoption fees more than others

“Why pay more for a pet puppy?” “The $1,500.00 Puppy vs. The $600.00 Puppy”   $1,500.00 – Both the sire and dam of this puppy came from top quality breeding stock which was developed over years and years of selective and knowledgeable breeding. Both meet the requirement of the written AKC and LRC standard for…

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