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What makes a quality reputable Breeder

What makes a quality reputable Breeder


  • Breeds to improve their own dogs and the breed in general. Can verbalize why they bred these two dogs. Knows that it is unlikely that they’ll break even after all genetic testing and care of mother and puppies.
  • Usually doesn’t have more than one breed of dogs.
  • Seldom has puppies available.
  • Often has a waiting list for puppies.
  • keeps current on new information and breed concerns.
  • Does not advertise in newspapers. Puppies sold through word of mouth, because of club/breed contacts.
  • Supplies shot records, pedigrees, AKC registration, care information.
  • Is eager to share detailed breed information
  • Explains genetic defects in the breed
  • Is willing to let you see and visit with the MOMMY
  • Is willing to let you see and visit with the DADDY, unless he is owned by a different breeder and he is not staying with them during the visit.  If so, photographs will be available.
  • Tests all breeding stock (OFA, PRA, etc.) and has certifications for each.
  • Maintains sanitary, clean quarters for the dogs
  • Asks as many questions of you as you do of them.
  • Provides referrals to other breeders if they don’t have anything available.
  • Has no concern about being able to sell a puppy, but rather, cares where their puppy is going.
  • Registers your pup on a limited registration

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