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 Puppy Sitting and Boarding Services.              

Sorry we are unable to puppy sit your Labrador at this time. We are remodeling and under construction.   If you need a loving safe place to leave your fur baby, please contact my very dear friend who helps take care of my fur kids. 

Maureen Miller Paws On Pettsitting (602) 684-1769.  She is a professional pet sitter.  She has been caring for pets for 10+ years. 

She has a spotless record. Her family has the dogs stay with them in the house, they get extra spoiled by her 3 teenagers who love our Labradors. When Maureen watched 4 of mine recently they were so happy staying with there they didn’t want to leave when it was time to go back home. She lives next to us and will be a great place to have your baby watched while you go on vacation.  She will be happy to provide you with references. Call Maureen for details on a availability and fees.